Month: September 2018

Kitten care – what to do if you find an orphaned kitten

Spring and summer are the two periods of the year when a great number of kittens are abandoned by their mother. If you meet a single kitten that seems abandoned, you have to consider some recommendations, before rescuing it. It is advisable to wait for a couple of hours, because there are great chances the mother to be off searching for food, and it will come back soon. In case the mother does not come back in a couple of hours, then you should rescue the kitten, because it is truly orphaned. Make sure that you stay at a...

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Essential Golf Accessories for a Beginner

Golf is the kind of sport that offers people great relaxation after a hard week at work. There are persons who choose to spend their whole vacation by playing golf because they feel fresh when they get back to work. It is a sport that allows people to practice their mind, and to meet new persons who share the same hobbies. Those who want to start playing golf have to invest some money in purchasing essential accessories that ease their life. In the beginning, they do not have to spend a big amount of money on items, but as...

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