Month: July 2019

Question of the day: What do you do with your pet when you go on a vacation?

Since the day you adopted your pet, you have been stressed about the times when you have to go on a vacation. You have always tried to figure out what to do with your furred-friend while you travel. It doesn’t matter for how long you will leave the house, you have a couple of options: you can ask one of your friends to care for your pet in yours or their house, you can take them with you, or you can take them to a pet hotel. The option you prefer can be influenced by how long you will be away from home, how much you are willing to spend or how skilled your friends are when it comes to taking care of a pet.  If you have a short vacation, you can ask your friends you to care for your pet at your home. A cat, for example, will feel safer in the comfort of her own house, and will appreciate someone to visit her once or twice a day. You can hire a pet sitter or take them to a hotel The greatest disadvantage, when travelling for a long period, is that your pet can experience depression if no one is staying with them. So it’s advisable to either hire a pet sitter or to take them to a kennel. Professional sitters can take the pet outdoors...

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Coping with sports injuries

Injuries are often occurring when practicing sports. As an athlete there’s nothing more frightening than the moment when you get hurt. And sometimes it’s difficult to determine if your injury requires immediate professional help or not. Coping with a sports injury can be both physical and mental challenging. When experiencing one, people focus on physical rehab, but they often neglect to get help to emotionally recover from the difficult period they went through. What is the best way to cope with a sports injury? The more you know about the health problem you are experiencing, the faster you will be able to treat it. Learn about your sports injury As stated before, sports injuries are stressful, and if you have detailed information on the type, cause and treatment, you will find easier to fight fear. You should ask your doctor or therapist to inform you on the type of injury you have, how long the recovery takes, how will the treatment help you, what should you expect during the healing process, and what warning signs you should pay attention to. If you understand your diagnosis, you know what the rehabilitation stage implies, which will offer you a greater sense of control. Don’t try to blame someone else for your injury Sometimes athletes find hard to accept that they are responsible for the injury they experienced. You should stop doing...

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