The dress is one of the essential clothing items in every woman’s dresser. Even if you are not a very big fan of the dress in general and sometimes you can compromise and wear something else, there are a few dresses that should not miss from any woman’s collection:

The bandage dress

Bandage dresses are very popular these days because they look amazing on almost any type of body. Regardless of the colour you choose, you will definitely look gorgeous when wearing this type of dress. All celebrities seem to be wearing bandage dresses and it is clear that if you are about to go out with your friends and later go dancing, this is the outfit that will allow you to look amazing. The best part is that these dresses can be found in various colour combinations, from the classic LBD to something bolder such as metallic blue or red, bandage dresses are great for any season when you want to feel sexy. Pair it with strappy sandals or classic pumps and you will obtain the perfect evening outfit for a hot date.

The casual maxi

Maxi dresses not only look good, but they are also very comfortable. They are perfect for those spring and summer days when the weather is not very hot, but you still want to wear a dress. In addition, this is the type of dress that will allow you to look effortlessly glamorous and it is great for anything: from the everyday errands to a get-together with your friends, this dress will allow you to look great and still be comfortable.  You can pair it with some flat sandals or ankle boots and a casual cardigan and you are good to go for the entire day.

The flared dress

This is one of the traditional dresses that all women need. This is the type of dress that depending on the colour will be suitable to wear both during the day as well as during the evening. For instance, a flared black dress paired with a white blazer will be perfect for a day at the office as well as an evening out with your friends. This is the type of dress that you can wear when you know you will go out directly after work, because you will look just perfect in it.

The lace dress

Regardless of the colours you usually wear, anything looks more elegant when it is covered in lace. Even though it might seem like a bit too much, the lace dress will prove to be an excellent investment the next time you wish to go out or even go to the theatre. You can keep the accessorizing to a minimum, with some classic pumps and small handbag and you will be ready to go for the evening.

These are 4 of the most important dresses any woman should have in her collection. Fortunately, you can find a wide variety of designs in online stores, so finding the perfect outfit for your taste should not be a problem.