Anyone who owns an air conditioner knows how much money goes on cooling the house during summer with this device, a fact that makes it less tempting to use. In addition, air conditioners do more harm than good when it comes to the health of the people inside the house, because the cold air they blow is dangerous, especially if you go out of the house after staying in the chilly environment that the air conditioner provides you with.
If you are interested in finding out other great methods to make it through the summer, read the following lines to see which are the 5 genius solutions for cooling your home without using an air conditioner.

1. Tower fans

Tower fans are stylish, efficient, and they come at affordable prices as well. They don’t consume as much energy as air conditioners do, and they are an overall healthier solution to cooling off when it’s hot outside.
Another great reason to choose a tower fan instead of an air conditioner beside the fact that it consumes a lot less energy, is the fact that it’s portable, therefore you can move it from room to room whenever you want. According to most customers, the tower fan is by far the best cooling fan and the most convenient one to use.

2. Grow vines

A great option for those who live in houses when it comes to staying protected from the horrible heat is to grow climbing vines.
They grow fast, and their many leaves will board up your house perfectly, keeping it chilly and perfect when it comes to temperature. Also, they will give the house a very stylish look.

3. Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are probably the most common alternative to using an air conditioner, because they do the job of cooling off the room they are in effectively, and they are inexpensive to operate. A ceiling fan is not the best cooling fan, but it will add style to any room it is placed in, and it doesn’t take up any space due to the fact that it is mounted on the ceiling.

4. Open the windows at night

During summer, the temperature drops considerably during the night, therefore if you are looking for a free method of cooling off your home when summer comes, you can simply open the windows when night falls, and let the cold air from outside enter.

5. Seal up the doors and windows

One of the main reasons why it’s hot inside during summer is because the hot air from outside enters your home through cracks. Therefore, an excellent method to prevent this from happening is to seal up the doors and windows tightly, making sure the warm air doesn’t have an entry point by doing this.