While filtered tap water is the best choice for when it comes to maintaining our health, most people seem to prefer bottled water over tap water, due to many reasons. In this following article we will explain why it’s more beneficial for your health to consume filtered water instead of buying bottled water. By the end of this article, you’ll start searching online for water filtration systems reviews in order to see which is the most convenient filter for you.  So let’s get started.

It’s good for your health

The major advantage filtered water has over bottled water, among others, is the fact that filtered water can provide you with many health benefits. Because all the contaminants and pollutants are removed, you are left with pure and clean water that has all the minerals needed for your body. Most of the times, we can’t really know what’s in bottled water and from what source it comes so you can take a risk sometimes when consuming cheaper brands of bottled water that don’t have all the information listed on the packaging. If you read some water filtration systems reviews, you will learn exactly what types of contaminants can each filter deal with. You can also do a chemical analysis of your water in order to see what contaminants really are in your tap water.

No pollution

Plastic is the main enemy of our environment; the landfills are filled with plastic waste that takes so many years to disintegrate. Plastic can also reach in our oceans, polluting the habitat of marine animals, so it’s best to avoid using plastic recipients as much as possible, or at least try to recycle.

It’s safe to consume

Although regular city water is treated with different substances in order to make it safe to consume for drinking, cooking etc, the chemicals used in treating the municipal water can have harmful effects on our health. The main purpose of a water filter is to filter the dangerous contaminants that may endanger our health, such as fluoride, chlorine or heavy metals from contaminated water such as lead or mercury.

Filtered water is also good for cooking

If you live in an area where tap water is not safe to drink or use for cooking and it hasn’t been treated as needed, then you can use bottled water when cooking a meal. However, there’s even a better solution. By installing a whole house water filter you can filter water that comes from all sources in your home so you can access fresh and clean filtered water directly from your tap. At waterfilters.system, you can find the most efficient whole house water filters like the Aquasana models that are the top picks of waterfilters.systems because they can handle large amounts of water without interfering with the water flow or taste. These filters are installed on the main water pipe so all the water running at every faucet will be cleaner and safer for cooking.

It tastes better than bottled water

The majority of people tend to believe that bottled water has a better taste and odor but that’s not always the case. In reality, there have been studies and experiments done by several researchers that have managed to prove that filtered water or even regular tap water tastes and smells better than bottled water. What’s important to mention here is the fact that some brands use in fact tap water for their bottled drinks, so don’t get fooled by a simple label.


As you can see, there are other ways of enjoying pure water, without wasting money and precious resources, and without polluting the environment. Nowadays, with so many innovations, it can be very hard to keep up with the devices and gizmos that can make your life better.