The sauna is the ideal place to relax in, and it does wonders for your health as well, therefore you shouldn’t think twice about buying one for home use. If you want to buy one and you want to make sure that the one you are choosing is perfect for the job, you should read some infrared sauna reviews to see what the experts have to say about different saunas. There are certain things that you must keep in mind when reading reviews. Read the following lines and apply these 5 tips for selecting the perfect home sauna.

1. Buy a pre-made model

Instead of buying a sauna kit and having to make it yourself, it’s better to buy a pre-made top rated home sauna, and relieve yourself from the stress that building one would have brought you.
Even if buying a pre-made sauna is a lot more expensive than buying a sauna kit, at least you don’t put any effort in it and you are sure that it’s well built, as opposed to doing it yourself and making mistakes down the road.

2. Choose Cedar

No matter if you buy the home sauna for indoor or outdoor use, the best choice of wood for it is definitely Cedar. In addition to giving off a pleasant and relaxing fragrance, Cedar resists rot and it doesn’t splinter easy, which makes it the most durable material to go with.

There are other options you can go with, but no other material comes close to the classic choice for a sauna that is Cedar, especially if you keep in mind the fact that it doesn’t absorb excess heat, therefore you won’t have to worry about getting burnt when you sit down. As such, it doesn’t come as a surprise the fact that any top rated home sauna is made from cedar wood.

3. Consider its use to determine the size

The only way you can be sure that the size you have chosen for the sauna is the appropriate one is to consider exactly how it’s going to be used, and by how many people. If you live in a large household, you should go for a bigger sauna that can easily fit all of you in, while if there are only two members in your household, you can go for a small one. Keep in mind that bigger is better, though, especially if you are the type of person who has guests over often and who throws parties, because you will have to let your guests use it as well, therefore it’s wiser to go with more space.

4. Don’t rush on choosing the heat source

You basically have two choices when it comes to saunas, you either buy a traditional wet sauna, or you buy a modern infrared sauna. The difference between the two consist in the fact that the traditional sauna produces steam which makes the air hot and wet, and the infrared sauna conveys the heat directly to your body. Another major difference between the two is the fact that the traditional sauna raises the temperature of the air to 160-190 degrees Fahrenheit, while the infrared sauna raises the temperature to only 80-120 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Pay attention to the controls

Sauna controls make the experience even more enjoyable due to the fact that they give you a lot of options, safety features, and they are convenient to use especially if the model you choose has a remote control with which you change the setting without having to move an inch. These controls will allow you to inject aromatherapy scents, to set a certain time after which the sauna automatically turns itself off for safety reasons, and they have auxiliary inputs that you can use to plug in various entertainment devices, like an MP3 player for example.