Coffee machines are indispensable in every home. Nevertheless, as common as it may be, this coffee machine is actually very versatile. Imagine yourself stuck in a room only with your coffee maker and having to prepare dinner using nothing but this device that was originally designed to make coffee. You would think that you are going to die of hunger, when, in fact, there are many other foods that you can prepare using your coffee maker and your imagination, besides the regular coffee. Discover below 6 ingenious ways of using your coffee maker.

Make grilled cheese sandwich

Make a delicious sandwich that you can then grill on the coffee maker’s burner to make it even tastier. Set the burner on high temperature, spray it with some buttery spray for extra flavor and grill your cheese sandwich on both sides until it becomes slightly brown. If you don’t want to get the coffee maker greasy, you can always use a pan, just make sure the burner gets hot enough to get through the pan.

Make spaghetti

This is a hack that you most certainly haven’t thought about, but it actually works pretty well and if you are craving for some pasta, you can certainly boil it in the coffee maker’s pot. Fill the pot with water and add the spaghetti through the gap where the coffee pours into the cup. Don’t worry if the spaghetti are too long because as they start to boil and soften, they will fall down and end up covered by the water. The boiling will work for rice, noodles, and any other food that requires boiling water.

Prepare oatmeal

This is perhaps the easiest recipe as you simply boil water and mix it with oatmeal or other cereals you like. You can also make Ramen noodle soup that needs to sit in hot water before mixing them with their flavor packet.

Make eggs

Boiling eggs is a breeze using the coffee maker as you simply put them in the water and let them boil until they get hard enough. Moreover, you can make scrambled eggs by using a pan that you heat on the coffee maker’s burner.

Prepare hot chocolate

Forget about the regular hot chocolate that you used to mix with hot water because you can make the most delicious chocolate using your coffee maker. Add a cup of cream into the pot, let it warm and add a handful of chocolate chips. Stir until the chips are melted and enjoy a delicious and creamy cup of hot chocolate.

Grill sausages

Grilling sausages on the coffee maker is also possible whether you grill them right on the burner or you use a cooking pan. However, it’s best that you use the pan so the water and grease from the sausages don’t get inside the machine.