Celebrating your child’s birthday at home is an amazing idea. Depending on the size of your yard and on the weather conditions, you can even organise it outdoors. The children will have a lot of fun if you offer them the opportunity to spend some time outdoors playing with their friends. But planning a home party for children is not an easy task because there are multiple things you have to check.

Pick a theme

If you plan to organise the event at home, then you should make sure that you discuss with your child and find out what theme they prefer. You need time to organise the party around that theme, because you will have to purchase or rent decorations. In case you purchase them with a few weeks ahead, you do not have to place them around the living room, because your child will get bored, put them in boxes and take them to the storage units near Austin. Allow your child to pick the decorations; it is their birthday after all.

Make a guest list

You will have to ask your child if they want a big party, because if this is the case you will have to invite their entire class. In case they prefer to be surrounded only by their friends, then you will find easier to prepare the food and plan the event. Ask them to make a list with the persons they will like to invite and make sure all the guests confirm. Do not forget to ask the child’s parents if they can join the party, it is always recommended adults to accompany kids at these events.

Will the party be entertaining for children?

It is always advisable to check with the local entertainers to see if they are available on the day of the party, because it is nothing worse than to tell a child they will have a magician at their birthday party, and the magician to be booked. When you hire persons to entertain the children at a party, make sure you ask for references from parents who have planned this type of events.

Make a program

If you organise multiple activities for the party make sure to schedule them. It is advisable the first two or three hours to be filled with energetic games because at the beginning the children will have plenty of energy. Then, as they get tired, they would want to take part to calmer activities like crafting certain things. Make sure that you have numerous entertainment factors during the party like freewheeling ruckus and snacks.

If you child wants to open the present in the presence of their guests you should plan the activity for the end of the party. You can always skip it, because children can change their mind fast. In case you plan an outdoor party, make sure you have a backup plan in case the weather gets bad. You should have an indoor space prepared for this situation.