Considering how much time you spend at the office, you could call it your second home and you should make it as comfortable and safe as possible. Since your health is very important and the level of humidity at the office influences the way you feel and look, you should consider buying a humidifier, and not any model, but one with an interesting shape that is compact and cute. Here are some of the most adorable tiny humidifiers you can choose for your office.

R2-D2 USB Humidifier

This is a funny-shaped humidifier that is the perfect gadget for your office as it connects to your computer via a USB port in order to create steam that helps you breathe easier. To use it, you must lift the top, fill its body with water, and connect it to your computer’s USB to enjoy the cool mist coming out from the head of this adorable tiny robot. It is very small and takes little space from your desk so you won’t have to worry about finding a spot for it.

Android Robot Style USB Humidifier

If you are a fan of the android system, you should check out the Android Robot Style USB humidifier that looks exactly like the cute green little robot that runs your android gadgets. This humidifier is actually a mug with a removable cap which you have to fill with water and connect to your computer via a USB port. The small eyes on the front are LED lights that turn on when you gently touch the robot’s head.

Phtronics Portable Bottle Cap Air Humidifier

Another tiny humidifier that perfectly fits your office is the Phtronics Portable Bottle Cap Air humidifier that also connects to your computer and releases mist that eases your breathing and protects your skin. The best part of this compact and convenient humidifier is that it uses a filter that absorbs water and turns it into mist so you can be sure that the air is not filled with harmful contaminants from the water.

Cute Mini Portable Ultrasonic USB Office Humidifier

When you think of adorable humidifiers, you can’t miss these little fellows that bring a touch of amusement to your office. These small devices come in a square shape and resemble funny faces and have cute tiny hats on top. You simply fill them with water and connect them to the USB of your office computer and they will create a pleasant mist all day long.