Are you passionate about football, and would like to play the game more often? Then why not build yourself a team and join a local 5 aside league? With passion, determination and practice you can become a successful footballer, and take your hobby to a more professional level. However, when it comes to 5 aside football London, there are some basic tips you need to know, if you want to give your best on the field, and be a good team player. Here is what you need to know about playing 5 aside football:

Pick the right formation

Before actually stepping foot on the pitch, gather your team and ensure yourselves that you have picked the right formation. You need to be organized in order to achieve success. If there are any holes in your defence, your opposition will take advantages of you weak points, so do not waste any energy and plan your game properly right from the start. It is best advised to put your best player to be your defender – they need to be strong and pacey. Establish who would make the best striker and midfielders as well.

Choose the right position

You should remember that each position is equally important for the overall formation, so choose one that suits your own game skills. Are you an effective and keen tackler? choose defence. Got a keen eye for goals? Be the team’s striker. Regardless of your personal abilities, choose a position you can handle, and that can benefit the rest of the formation.

Enjoy yourself

Although, victory is what everybody desires when playing football, do not let your desire to win take over and prevent you from actually having fun. Do not forget that you are playing football for pleasure, and should not be focused only on victory. There is no tragedy in losing, so you should keep your smile on your face, and remember why you started playing football in the first place. Be relaxed, have fun and be a good team player – this is probably the most important tip to follow.

If you are interested in taking your passion for football one step further, then consider joining a league in your area, and use these few tips to step up your game. Give the above mentioned tips more consideration, and you will notice some improvements in your game, that will help you and your entire team win the matches.