It is known that belly fat represents an issue for all women, while menopause is another bothering fact in a woman’s life. Changes in weight are very radical for a woman when her body is changing, her attitude and state of mind are changing too. During the menopause, many women are facing this problem and they do not know how to get rid of that belly fat, even the slim ones confront with it and suffer body modifications. This research will provide you some information regarding menopause, weight gaining, and body changes.

Perceiving menopause

When a woman faces with menopause, she loses estrogen. One of the most disturbing repercussions of this lost estrogen is that her body changes, so fat will go right on her belly. Generally, this belly fat is a headache for everyone, even though you exercise a lot, or you eat dietetic food, it seems that you will never get rid of it. Women are more predictable to get this belly fat due to the menopause, this happens because the process of losing estrogen passes the fat from the hips on the belly. This is why for most women, it is a shock when they notice that extra fat. This does not mean that midlife crisis is the only cause for those body changes, because it may not be directly correlated with weight gain but with the wrong distribution of fat, as we have mentioned above.

Body shape aspects

During menopause, most of the weight changes are based on hormonal fluctuations. When the estrogen drops, the hormone produced by the body (cortisol) raises immediately under stress. When cortisol reaches the highest level, it is a sign that visceral fat is expanding, but there are also other features that may furnish this harmful fat. Even though your weight is normal and you have not dealt with these types of issues, you must be careful because hormonal changes can happen anytime.

How to get rid of the belly fat during menopause

Firstly you have to start your morning routine by drinking a glass of warm water with lemon, just squeeze the lemon in the water and that is all. It is a detoxification process that will help you burn fats and get your body rid of toxins. You also have to lessen the consumption of sweets, especially the sugar, avoid it as much as possible because it is not only unhealthy but it will bring you more fat than you think. Sodas and sweets have the same bad effect. In order to prevent belly fat it is also important to eat less but often, the most efficient solution is to eat less and feel light, not until you can hardly move. Disordered eating is not healthy for your metabolism an will not help you to get off that belly fat.

Health and exercising

We all know that women lessen their physical activity after the age of 40 or 50. Due to this lack of sport and physical activity, calories can no longer be burnt and this will increase weight and fat mass, plus muscle mass reduces too. In order to keep a good and normal weight, exercising is an effective approach. Moreover, working out is a source of healthiness and relax. Studies claim that sedentary people can gain a great percentage of visceral fat in just six months, the ones who exercise from time to time do not gain visceral fat and those who exercise constantly lose some of the visceral fat. Weights are also a good idea, they will help you to transform the fat into muscle mass, which is obviously an advantage. Besides, a well-balanced diet is beneficial to our health, so eat fruits and vegetables more often (they are full of vitamins) and low-fat products, you will see that the effects will be visible.

Check your body fat level

It is said that during this period, women’s bodies pass from pear-shaped to apple-shaped. If your body is pear-shaped, with fat on the thighs and bottom, this means that you handle with a type of subcutaneous fat, but if your body has the shape of an apple, where fat is deposited in the middle of your body, it is more likely to have a visceral fat. One of the best options to check if you have lost weight is to use a body fat scale, besides showing your body weight, it will provide you the accurate information regarding other features such as the quantity and type of fat, body water percentage, metabolic age, basal metabolic rate, muscle mass and bone mass.

Clean your mind and relax

Maybe one of the most important aspects to take into consideration because nowadays, people are always busy, tired and they do not have time for themselves, which is not really a good thing. Just enjoy your spare time and fructify it with leisure activities such as walking in the park, reading a book, gardening or doing something that you enjoy a lot, just follow your hobbies. You will see that your state of mind will change, so your body will. Also, remember that every day has to be a good one, do not charge yourself with negativity and leave the stress so that your mind can be clean and restful. Spend more time with your family and friends.
Menopause is a difficult time in a woman’s life, mainly due to all the body changes they experience. Hoping that our advice was helpful for every woman who passes through all these changes, you also need to learn that this process is a normal one, and you do not have to be scared or take drastic measures.