The cold winter season forced you to seek shelter inside your home and neglect your precious garden, but spring is here to help you make up for all the lost time. The much-awaited reunion between you and your outdoor sanctuary deserves a meaningful celebration crowned with a complete transformation. Yes, now you have the opportunity to initiate a spring gardening project and make your vision come true. Of course, you will have to start with the basics in order to help your garden recover from the torturous winter and this includes weeding, feeding and seeding the lawn, planting trees and bushes, apart from colorful flowers, inspecting the pots for identifying cracks, checking for frosting and probably your favorite step, accessorizing. When it comes to accessorizing, you can add numerous elements, from modern outdoor furniture to prepare for social and family gatherings to fountains, statues and even curling ribbon. It all depends on your creativity.

 Make your guests feel welcomed in the garden

If you plan to spend your spare time in the garden with the arrival of spring, then you should consider adding comfortable furniture in order to relax when drinking a tea in the morning or watching the stars at night. Look around your garden and establish a starting point. If you laid your eyes on the entrance, then think about an ingenious way to make all your guests feel welcomed when stepping into your splendid garden. For instance, you can hang an iron bell or even curling ribbon from a tree because simply writing “welcome” has already become outdated. In fact, you do not have to limit yourself only to the entrance when you can hang eye-catching and elegant ornaments like weathered iron pedants inside the garden as well.

Repeat the style integrated inside your home  

If you have not separated your living room from your garden, then you should consider bringing the interior décor outside. You can easily complete this step by using the same ornaments or decorative elements. It will just be an extension of your personality, not to mention that it will maximize the space dramatically. Nevertheless, make sure that you also create an intimate area that exudes discretion. You can hide in there whenever you want to escape from the world. Finally yet importantly, do not forget to add numerous lights to warm up the atmosphere in the evenings. You can also create a fire: all the family will gather around it and spend quality time together.