The vacuum cleaner is one of the most important household that helps you maintain cleanliness in your house. It is indispensable in every home because it does its job efficiently without you having to do too much effort.    When you want to choose the right vacuum cleaner that could make your life easier, you have to consider aspects as the size and surface of your interior and the presence of children or pets in the house. If you are not decided about what to choose, a list with the most popular types of vacuum cleaners and their characteristics could help you.


Robot vacuums

The first robot vacuums appeared in 2002 and since then they gained a lot of popularity. Technically speaking, they have the shape of a disc, making them easy to move and rotate in confined spaces. The robots are equipped with rechargeable batteries and include brushes that collect the dust and deposit it inside of an internal tank. Your only duty is to empty the tank and clean the brushes. If you are thinking about achieving a robot vacuum cleaner Read review of the Roomba 650.

Vacuum cleaners with bags

Those are the most popular types of vacuum cleaners. They are equipped with a bag where the dust is stored.  The bag can be made of paper or fabric. You can reuse the fabric ones after you empty them, but usually the paper ones are disposable.

Vacuum cleaners without bags

This is an easier and economical way to use the vacuum because you do not have to buy bags and replace them all the time. The dust is collected in the plastic bowl and your only mission is to clean it. One of the advantages is that you will not have to get dusty while replacing the bags and this is what makes their popularity increase.

Vertical vacuum cleaner

They come along with batteries being very useful for small surfaces. The dust is collected in a plastic bowl. They are available in a smaller than the other types of vacuums, making them easy to use, and the best parts of having one are the lack of a power wire, and superior mobility. They are ideal for parquetry and hone surfaces.

Washing vacuum cleaners

Perfect for families who have small children or pets, because they remove stains efficiently. They are equipped with a special container for water and detergent in order to wash the carpet while you vacuum it. The size is a little big, but the main advantage is that you will not have to wash the carpet by yourself. In addition, it will give your house a nice, fresh fragrance.

Doing the cleaning is not exactly the most pleasant activity one could do; this is why you have to find ways to simplify things.

With so many types of vacuum cleaners available on the market, finding one that is suitable for you is easy. You just have to think about what you and your family need and you will surely make the right choice.