If you want to make any room look bigger then you must take into consideration a couple of things, such as the choice of colors, furniture, spatial planning and good lighting. So, if you are looking for ways to make your apartment look more spacious and brighter, make sure to follow these tips and tricks.

Get rid of clutter

One of the best simple home tricks that make any room look bigger is to keep the decor as simple as possible. Too much clutter will make your apartment look small and cramped. Arrange the books in the library, keep your CD collection in several drawers and throw away what you don’t need anymore. Do not cover the walls with many paintings and avoid placing candles and all sorts of decoration items on the shelves and nightstands. Try to create in each room a focus point. The focus point can either be the dining table, the bed, the coffee table etc. Try to keep the floor clutter free. Get rid of anything that is not useful in the home. It is one of the key elements that give the impression of space.

Color choice

If you have little space available but you have large windows, all you have to do is leave the view from the outside to be part of the decor of the house. Moreover, the view is in a continuous transformation, changing colors and shapes, and this is for your benefit. Choose colors that dominate the scenery outside and use them in the house. Lighter and cooler tones are those which give the impression of space. Neutrals, gray and blue pastels are just a few colors that can make a small apartment look brighter and larger. It is all about optical illusion. Light colors will make it airy and soothing, creating the effect of natural light.

Apartment lighting

Light is one of the elements that make the space larger than it really is. It can also make the place calm, warm and friendly. Light is essential in a small room and is one of the simple tricks that make any room look bigger. Any room will look more spacious if it’s well lit either by natural or artificial light. Get rid of heavy and dark curtains. Lamps will bring more light and add an intimate air. You can also add some accent lights to highlight specific areas in your house.


Most of the space in the room is occupied by furniture. Here are some simple tips that will help you arrange the furniture so as not to take up too much space in the room. Choose pieces of furniture with multiple uses. For example, you can choose coffee tables, beds and cupboards with drawers to store your things. Choose a sofa instead of a huge bed that occupies almost the entire room. Also, opr for a custom-made wardrobe with drawers, shelves and a sliding door with a mirror to help you create a minimalistic design in the room.