Losing your job is not something to be ashamed of. It can happen to anyone. So, get past the shame or the embarrassment and start looking for a job. You cannot afford to waste time. An average job search takes a lot of time, sometimes too long. To get work fast, you should use the services of an employment service like Pôle Emploi. Pôle Emploi caters to the needs of all job seekers, regardless of their education. No matter you want to do, this government agency can help you make your dreams come true. If you are really interested in finding out more about Pôle Emploi, keep on reading.


What is Pôle Emploi?

Pôle Emploi is largely regarded as the key player in the employment field. It is basically a public organization, which has been born out of the fusion of the ANPE and the ASSEDIC. The organization came to life in 2009, being established with the goal to make the life of job hunters a little bit easier. The French job center has many branches, being present in all cities and medium-sized towns. If you live in the Seine-Saint-Denis department, for example, you have to go to Pole Emploi Seine Saint Denis if you need help or advice.  

What is Pôle Emploi’s mission?

France is not a bad place to be out of work and this is all thanks to Pôle Emploi. Of course, you can resort to using employment sites and search in classifieds, but no one will help you on the way. The only one who can help you secure a good job is Pôle Emploi. The aim of this job center is to get back in the job market. Pôle Emploi offers you career advice, professional training, and free services like career opportunity assessment. The government organization was created for job seekers like you. More precisely, it was created to help you meet with success.

How to register with the Pôle Emploi

To register with the French National Job Agency, go to the nearest center or send your application online. What you will need is your social security number, CV, and bank account details. No matter what way you choose, you will be asked if you are a registered job seeker and if you have a personal space on the official website of the Pôle Emploi. Once you register with the government agency, you can use their services.

Unemployment allowance and Pôle Emploi

Even if you do not find work, you will not be left to starve to death. Until you find employment, you receive an unemployment allowance, which is enough to help you make ends meet. The amount of money that you receive depends on how long you have contributed to the scheme and, most importantly, how much you have supplied. If you get unemployment benefits, this does not mean that the state will leave you alone. You have to report periodically to the Pôle Emploi and you have to keep looking for a job.