With so many mass-produced clothing items on the market, it can be difficult for women to maintain an authentic and unique style. If you love fashion, but you want your outfits to be one-of-a-kind and thus have a trendsetting style, then perhaps you should consider customising your clothes in an original way. Even if you may have never thought of it, ribbons can be a great outfit accessory, giving you the possibility of using them in fun and unique ways. Moreover, you can shop for wholesale ribbons online at amazing prices, if you choose the right online shop. Perhaps a few ribbon outfit ideas will trigger your creativity:

Ripped jeans with ribbon insertions

If you have some basic sewing skills, then get a pair of ripped jeans out of your closet and give them a new appearance with a few ribbon insertions. Sew small straps of ribbon here and there, and cover some of the holes with ribbon squares. Do not go over the top, and choose a soft colour coordination. With a black top and a pair of white sneakers, your look will be anything but ordinary.

Pink ribbon belt for your little black dress

Stand out from the crowd while wearing a basic, yet elegant outfit, by accessorizing it with ribbon. Wear your favourite little black dress and give it a twist, by using a wide strand of ribbon as a belt. Choose a bright pink, and wear the dress with a part of yellow stilettos, and your overall look will be electric and fashionable. It is impossible to look dull, when wearing this combination.

Funky denim jacket

If you have a denim jacket in your closet that you do no longer wear, then you can play around and try out your fashion creativity on it. Cut of the pockets (if it has any) and create new ones yourself out of ribbon. Although impractical to use, the pockets designed out of ribbon will give your denim jacket a funky look, and regardless with what you choose to wear it, you will certainly become a trendsetter.

Ribbons can be great items to use when personalizing outfits, being easy to sew and giving clothes that unique touch. However, make sure to use only high quality ribbons, to avoid a fashion disaster or ruining your outfit completely. Find an online store that offers great ribbons at competitive prices, make your purchase, and give these ideas a go.