Keeping your home free from clutters should be one of your primary goals all seasons. It will help to create more space in the home and make the place welcome to one and all. A de-cluttered home is more welcoming and looks cleaner. One of the best ways to keep the home clean and de-cluttered is to store those things you are not using in a facility for public storage in whatever area you reside in.  You need to bear certain rules in mind when de-cluttering the home and some of those rules will be highlighted below.

Godlen Rules When Decluttering

  • Keep only those items that you love and are of value. Always remember that you have the power to decide what to go and what to stay.
  • There is no point in keeping a duplicate of an item
  • You can let it go if you haven’t used it in up to six months, except if it is a seasonal item.
  • You can let it go if the cost of storing it is more than the value you get from it
  • While keeping the opinion of your loved ones in mind, you should not allow the opinion of other people to determine what goes or what stays when de-cluttering.
  • Keep in a public storage La Puente only those things that will be of value, but are not currently in use, like seasonal items.
  • Do not hesitate to give away those items you do not count to be of value instead of wasting storage space on such items. You can also sell those items if you like the idea of making some money from the de-cluttering.
  • Many of the things to be removed can be replaced if there is a need for it in the future
  • Ask for permission before you de-clutter things that belong to other people, except if those things belong to your kids. Be that as it may, do not de-clutter their toys and mementos, which tend to have more value when they are few in number
  • Bear in mind that keeping a lot of books back during de-cluttering does not make you smart since you are not defined by the things you keep
  • Make use of the opportunity to teach your kids how to manage their clutters.


The above are some of the rules to follow when de-cluttering the home. Before you store those items in a public storage unit, find out if they will be required frequently or not as this will help you to make the right storage decisions.