In present times more and more people are facing with the dilemma if they should file for a divorce or not, because they feel like their marriage is in question, and they do not know what they should do. When you realize that you cannot stay with your partner any longer, you face with the question if you should be the one who goes or the one who stays, and asks the other to leave. But how can you be sure that you have to end your marriage? Many people fear to get a divorce because they are aware how complicated The Orange County Divorce Process can be, and also they feel that a part of them still loves their partner. When having to decide if you file for a divorce or not, you think of so many aspects, that you might just be overwhelmed. But you should not be so stressed, because many couples are facing with some dilemmas.

Is divorce the right choice?

There are moments when you think that divorce is the right decision, but there are also moments when you are not so sure about it. This is happening because you are aware that your divorce would affect not only the lives of you and your partner, but also the ones of your families. You should ask the advice of a professional in this situation, so you can check the Avvo profile. In case you have children, you are asking yourself how this would affect their lives, but also the economics and marital investment of your family.

You do not want the divorce, but your partner does

Sometimes you have to accept the decision of your partner, even if you do not want to file for divorce. In the majority of cases, people feel like they are the victim, because they do not want this, and they feel like they are out of control when it comes to their relationship. Well, you might experience an intense emotional devastation, because in this moment, your life is changing before your eyes, but you just cannot stay with a person who does not want to be your partner anymore. It is not easy sometimes to confront the problems you have in couple, and you feel like your partner hurts you, when deciding by themselves.

You want the divorce because your marriage is not working

This is one of the most common cases, when one of the spouses understands that the marriage is not working, but it is afraid to share this thought with their partner, because they do not want to be blamed for demising the marriage, and they do not want to be responsible for this. When just one of the partners is willing to do this, they might have to deal with anger from their partner side, and in case you are the one, who considers this option, then you might be afraid to discuss with your spouse this decision. For being sure that divorce is what you want, you have to be sure that it is not a decision driven by your ego or emotionally based.