In the past years, more and more parents have decided to enrol their children in acting classes, not because they want their children to become famous Hollywood actors, but because it is scientifically proven that acting can help children develop various useful skills that they can use later in life, regardless of the career path they choose. Attending acting classes at a reputable and professional school, such as Acting International, can help students improve their memory, develop their creative skills and increase sensory awareness. These can be achieved through a series of activities designed according to the students’ age range. Here are some activities for elementary students.

Improvisation warm-up activities

Improvisation exercises are a great way to help children warm up during a drama class. You can opt for exercises that involve all the participants in the acting class, thus offering a chance even to shy children to get involved. One simple and fun improvisation game is known as ‘show me’. During this game, the teacher presents various scenarios to children and asks them things like ‘Show me a golf player’, or ‘Show me taking a photo at the beach’. The children have to strike an improvisational pose in order to display the situation the teacher has presented.

Activities that involve movement

Physical movement is probably one of the most important acting skills that teachers should focus on during classes. It is the area that children can explore the most through various games during acting classes and that can actually help them improve their sensory awareness. One great game that should not miss from acting classes is ‘Moving vocabulary’. The teacher writes various kinds of movement on cards, such as spin, hop, run or jump and asks one student at a time to take a card and demonstrate the movement in front of the class.

Games for improving memory

An excellent memory means having a healthy brain and memorization games are the best way to help your brain maintain healthy. However, these games are also a good practice for teaching acting to grade school students. One such game is ‘Special me’, where the first child has to start the game with the phrase ‘I am (name) and I am special because (one quality)’. The following students have to memorize the qualities their colleagues have previously said and to add one of their own. It is a great game that not only helps children to improve their memory, but it is also a way to emphasize their great qualities.

Vocal expression games

In acting and not only, vocal expression is an important element and through acting classes, children are able to develop it even better. The best way to improve children’s vocal expression is for the teacher to select various scripts that has multiple characters or voices that students can read aloud. They have to interpret those voices in front of the class, thus improving their vocal expression.

Overall, these are only some interesting and fun drama games that teachers can insert in their acting classes when working with children from the elementary school.