Some of us have arts in our genes, and many succeed in satisfying our need of becoming involved in activities of this kind. Many have found a solution in investing in a theatre and transforming it in a family-run business. Although this can be highly satisfactory, owners must pay attention to a series of aspects, especially safety related ones. Because these places have a large capacity and there are only a few exists, it is better to avoid incidents. From stage lifting equipment, to fireproofing stage curtains, we have more details for you below.

Preventing fire and related incidents

Using all kinds of electric equipment and stage effects, a fire is not an unexpected scenario. However, it is essential as an owner to minimize this perspective and take all precautions. If a fire occurs, not only will your beloved theatre will have to suffer from material damage, but also numerous human lives will be put into danger.  For avoiding this, make sure you work with a team providing periodic check-ups for all electrical equipment, install fireproof curtains and systems and certificate them. Also, for avoiding a tragedy in a scenario of this kind, make sure all your exists are large enough for evacuating numerous persons at a time. Plus, make sure all carpets are well maintained, don’t have loose end or holes in them, because this might put many lives in danger.

Performer’s safety – make sure all suspended equipment is in place and stays in place

Since it your responsibility to assure your performer’s safety, making sure all light equipment is and stays in place should be your main concern. Many were the cases where severe, life threatening accidents occurred due to owner’s negligence, and you want to make sure you’re not part of that category. Make sure, therefore, you have a periodic check-up on all equipment provided by professionals. They have access to all kinds of equipment and a vast knowledge and experience in the field, work fast and professional, making it possible to assure at all times proper levels of safety.

Make sure you always hire complete safety services

Because there are many scenarios hard to anticipate, it is necessary to have a variety of tests performed to all your equipment. From stage installation and maintenance, to flying and suspended equipment, curtain installation and maintenance, electrical system check-ups, all of them should be perfectly functioning.