There are people who go nearly every day to bars or terraces to drink their morning coffee. They claim that coffee or espresso is better prepared using a professional machine rather than in a coffee pot at home. However, most of those people might not even have considered purchasing an espresso machine to prepare a good coffee at home. This is a money saving option and your friends will appreciate drinking a good coffee every time they come and visit you. Websites such as are good places to read some reliable and up to date reviews related to espresso machines. But do you know what features to look for?

The aesthetics do matter

Whether you have moved to a new house and need to decorate it or you simply want to redecorate your dated kitchen, you have definitely thought of ways to choose matching decorating items. In case you are one of those persons that also like to choose their appliances to match the décor, finding the perfect espresso machine might take a while. In case of black and/or white kitchens, choosing a stainless steel machine might not be a good choice, because the machine will stand out too much. This counts for the other way round too. You should look for a color and a design that matches the décor in your kitchen.


It is worth mentioning that there are some espresso machines that provide a built-in grinder. Some grinders might come with a canister where the coffee beans are hosted and in case of these machines, all people have to do is select the amount of coffee they want to be ground for preparing their coffee. On the other hand, other devices come with a receptacle for coffee grinds, which are not ground using the same espresso machine, but other appliance instead. However, if you love a truly robust and fresh coffee, you might want to consider choosing espresso machines with built-in coffee grinders.


Even though the device you have decided to purchase is for home use only, it is still important to learn more information about its capacity, namely how many coffees it can make, whether it can be used all day or not, and so on. In case you are much of a party-person and you constantly invite your friends to your house, you should choose a machine that can prepare more coffees at a time and that does not overheat if used for more hours for example. The quantity of beans the device can store is also an important aspect to consider and whether the machine comes with a built-in grinder or not.

The water storage

Most espresso machines can store enough water to use for nearly eight cups of espresso. Some smaller machines have a spout or some larger mouths where the user can pour water easily. In case of larger machines, these ones can be connected to a water source and the user does not have to worry that there is not enough water in the machine. It is important to choose one that best fits your needs, but also your budget.