Every year is the same story. The moment your brother’s birthday approaches, you just cannot figure out what to offer him. Clothes and accessories are so out of date and you do not want to give him something he will throw in the closet and never wear it. You should start thinking outside the box and offer him something he will definitely appreciate it. In case your brother likes to be up to date with the latest tech gadgets, a levitating speaker might be a good idea. Read some useful reviews about these gadgets on websites such as levitating-speaker.com to get a clearer idea. Here are some amazing tech gift ideas you can think of for your brother’s birthday this year.

A levitating speaker

Levitating speakers have become so popular in the past years that more and more people started investing money in them. This is a must-have gadget for every aficionado for technology. The 360-degree sound projection offers great sound quality and the amazing levitating effect due to the built-in magnets make this device look like an UFO. It is for sure that your brother will fall in love with this levitating speaker the very first moment he sees it on his desk. It is worth mentioning that there is a wide variety of levitating speakers available on the market, of different colours, patterns and designs. If you do some research, you can even find one with the Star Wars theme. What other better gift could you offer him than a Star Wars levitating speaker?

A drone with a camera

Many men are passionate about photography and try to keep up with the latest gadgets in this domain. If your brother is one of them, offering him for his birthday this year a drone that also has a camera will definitely make his day better. He can take that perfect shot he has always been dreaming of with the aid of a drone. You can look for more information about drones on the internet as well, since there are numerous websites where you can read detailed reviews to help you understand what features to look for when purchasing a drone.

A 3D printed item

Another great gift idea for your brother would be to offer him something that is 3D printed. In the past years, 3D printing has reached a totally different level, since you can print nearly anything using a 3D printer. Look for places in your region where you can print something using such a printer. You can think of some decorative items in unique shapes, an interesting phone case or anything your brother might be interested in and surprise him with an amazing gift. Well, if your budget allows, you can even buy him a 3D printer and let him choose what to print. It is true that this might require investing a great deal of money, but it is all worth it in the end.

As you can see, these are some great gift ideas for men who like to add the latest gadgets to their collection.