The decision of making the switch from smoking cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is one of the best ones you can make in terms of improving your health. If you have recently made this transition, then you are already aware of the fact that your electronic cigarette is fueled by E-Liquid, the fluid that provides the nicotine solution and, most important, the flavoring to your electronic cigarette. There are plenty of ingredients in E-Liquids such as Don Cristo: nicotine, flavoring, and e-liquid medium. However, E-Liquid is best enjoyed when you manage to find a flavor that you enjoy and a nicotine level that satisfies your cravings. Choosing the nicotine strength needn’t be confusing.

Understanding nicotine strengths

The nicotine density listed for E-Liquid represents the number of milligrams of nicotine per millimetre that is contained in the E-Liquid. For example, a 10ml bottle of 24mg nicotine E-Liquid will have 240gm of nicotine in it. More often than not, E-Liquid strength is measured in mg. Depending on the manufacturer, the E-Liquid comes in many strengths, and sometimes being as high as 36 or 42mg. Understanding what this strength means to you can cause a change in the vaping experience. What helps is to understand how the product works on your body and, more important, what you are getting from it. Although it is theoretically possible to find out what amount of E-Liquid you are vaping, the differences in devices and the rate at which you are vaping can lead to big differences.

What strength you should get

As mentioned before, E-Liquid is available in varying nicotine concentrations, so it is able to suit different needs and tastes. This also means that you have the possibility of lowering your dose of nicotine evenly. If you happen to be a new user, then you should start with a higher strength, like 18mg or 42mg in order to see if you are happy with the taste and if it will satisfy your wants. From this point, you can start lowering the amount of nicotine until you reach a certain level. You can even work your way down to 0mg strength. Remember the following rule: the bigger the vapor output is on your device, the lower the nicotine content will be.

Look at your smoking habits

Aside from looking at the nicotine levels in E-Liquid, you should analyse your smoking habits as a guide. If you are a light smoker, then you can easily make the transition to a lower nicotine level. On the other hand, if you generally smoke two pack a day, then you will probably need a high nicotine level in order to get what you need. Most people actually fall between in between and consequently can pick a strength that is situated in the middle. Equally important is considering how often you smoke. You can choose a stronger E-Liquid if you take only a puff here and there. But if you are in the habit of smoking on a daily basis, you will be better off with a lower nicotine content.