A present that does not have a bow is missing the finishing touch. Not only does a bow add a festive touch to the wrapped gift, but it also looks professional. Gift packaging is an art that you will have to learn how to master, especially if you want to make a curly ribbon bow. The technique of making curly bows is so simple that everyone can learn it, even you. There are so many ways in which you can fold the ribbon, but not everything will be revealed from the start. If you want to learn how to work with ribbons and bows UK, gather your material and scissors and follow the instructions presented in this article.

Measure and start cutting

For your little project, you should use curling ribbon, meaning the type of material you find in card shops, craft stores and ribbon shops. To determine the amount of ribbon that you need, wrap the material around the present box six times. When you are finished, cut it off the box. Do not cut less than 12 inches because you will not be able to work with the stripe if it is too short. If you desire the bow to be fuller, you should use different colours and implicitly cut more stripes.

Get the scissors

In order to make a loop you will need a pair of sharp-edged scissors. Open that pair of scissors as far as the mouth will allow you to and grab the stripe of ribbon. Place the material between the scissors and your thumb, run the scissors up the strip while keeping your thumb steady and use the other hand to pull the material through. Once you let go of the material the material will be curled. Make sure to repeat this task for all the strips.

If you are in a hurry

If you gave to take care of some last-minute decorating, then you need to save some time on wrapping the present. What you should do first is cut a piece of decoration material that is five times longer than your gift. Wrap the ribbon around the present box, making sure to cross underneath the bottom and bringing the sides up. When you reach the top, tie the ends together in a bow and pull it so that the loose ends have exactly the same length as the bow. Finally, cut the loops and curl them to create the desired effect.