The women, who choose to have their weddings during the wintertime, have taken this decision because they want to have a fairy-tale event. The truth is that the photos taken on a winter wedding will look stunning compared with the ones taken during any other season. But when you have your wedding during the winter season, you probably do not know what hairstyle you should choose to match the cold weather and to complement your look. In this article, you will find some of the most amazing ideas, when it comes to hairstyle ideas for winter brides.

An elegant high bun

If you have long hair, then you may want to pull it in a high bun, and to accessorise it with a jewellery or with hair bow ribbons. This is an amazing idea when you want to concentrate the attention towards your dress. If you want to look like the Queen of the frozen land then you should use crystals to embellish the high bun. A headpiece is the perfect accessory for a high bun.

Side braids

If you want to have your hair out of your face during your wedding, but you do not like high buns then you should opt for a side hairstyle. You can opt for braids and a head jewellery. Considering that, you have chosen a winter theme for your wedding you should opt for a headpiece under the form of rhinestones.

Loose curls

During winter, it is quite cold to be bride, especially if you choose to have the ceremony in open air. A great idea to keep yourself warm is to arrange your hair in loose curls, and to let it cover your back. If you have blonde locks then you will look like Rapunzel. Accessorise the hairstyle with a bling and you will look amazing.

Pulled back

In case you want to wear a veil, then the best way to do it is to pull your hair back and to focus the attention towards your dress. This hairstyle is perfect for the brides that want to keep things simple on their wedding day. If you decide to take your veil off after the ceremony, you will still look amazing.

Curls and braids

If you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day, you should style your hair in curls and braids. It is your choice if you accessorise it with a veil or a headpiece. This hairstyle is perfect for being worn with different types of dresses.