Of all the living spaces of the home that have the potential to be difficult to work with when space is limited, it is probably fair to admit the kitchen easily tops the table. Any way you look at it, the home kitchen is probably the most functional room of the whole home and tends to be the spot where most action takes place. Therefore, if you find yourself having a kitchen that is not exactly huge yet is the hub of the whole household, you will most likely understand what it is we are talking about.

The good news though is that there is no need to think about massive and expensive home extension or remodelling efforts simply to give the kitchen a fantastic new look, functionality and feel. According to the experts in designer indoor lighting and design, there are so many ways and means by which anybody dealing with even the tiniest of kitchen could effectively breathe new life into them and make the most of what they already have.

Here is a short overview of just a few of the best tips sourced from the professionals:

Consider Scaling Down

First up, one of the most crucial things to bear in mind is that the kitchen needs above all else to be approached and regarded as a functional living space. It is all well and good to create the kitchen of your wildest dreams in a visual sense, but you will very soon regret making all those efforts if you just can’t use the thing. Therefore, you might want to consider scaling down things a little bit if and when necessary – investing in smaller appliances and space-saving devices and getting rid of everything else that is not needed or will never be used. It is a case of going back to basics and carefully thinking about what is of genuine use in the kitchen and what could be easily disposed of.

Open Solutions

If you find yourself in a situation where there is basically no space at all for the stuff you already own to be put away neatly, you need to consider getting clever with open storage solutions. You could for example install a ceiling rack where all your pots and pans can hang, along with a number of shelves for your spice jars, magnetic holders for knives and so on. Don’t forget that many things in the standard kitchen can easily double up as decorative items, which also could be fantastically functional.

Negative Space

If you have not come across it before, this term is used by many designers when talking about the way in which a feeling of spaciousness could be greatly enhanced by the installation of plastic or glass that allows you to see through an object. One quick example would be a standard glass table top, or glass cupboard panels in the kitchen. In all such instances, you are not actually adding any real space or modifying a great deal the kitchen, but adding these accents could be fantastic for creating the illusion of space. And what is more, plastic and glass could be highly reflective and add further sparkle and brightness to the kitchen.

Illuminate It

It is crucial to follow the same rules as you would for other home living spaces when it comes to choosing the lighting for your kitchen. In the case of smaller kitchens that need a breath of fresh air, one of the most effective and immediate changes could be the installation of additional feature lights or task lights. It is simply a case of illuminating the corners of the room that are presently affected by shadows or completely in the dark. What is more, you might want to consider the actual colour palette of the kitchen lighting as there is an enormous difference between the harsh light of a fluorescent bulb and the various tones available from the modern LED lighting products. Take a look at your current situation and see what could take your fancy.

Consider Colours

Last up, it is worth reminding that the colour of basically everything you have around the kitchen – right down to the napkins and tea towels – will have the potential to make an enormous difference to the way the living space feels and looks. And as it is no real secret that bright colours could make even the smallest of kitchen feel and look much more spacious and larger than they are, it is worth considering ways and means to keep the room as bright, light and airy as possible.