By opting for an electric shaver, you can save more money in the long term, because you don’t have to replace your shaver after each use. It’s also good for the environment, since electric shavers don’t generate a lot of trash, like the disposable razors. However, electric shavers can break down quite easily, so you will want to follow these tips on how to clean and prolong the life of your electric shaver. Here’s what you need to know.

Clean it after each use

The first step to ensure that your electric razor will last for as long as possible is to clean it after you are done shaving. If you skip this step, your shaver may damage and break down in a short period of time. It’s very hard to repair an electric shaver that has gathered rust over time or a razor that can not not function anymore due to excess hair build-ups. Consider using a lubricant to make the shaver deliver optimal results with each use.

Replace any parts that may have stopped working

Other than having to throw your electric shave away if it has stopped working, consider checking if the blades are still intact or whether other components are damaged, so that you know if it’s worth buying a new electric shaver. Sometimes, by simply replacing the blades of the shaver you make the electric shaver deliver better results.

Use the auto-cleaning system of your shaver

If you have an older shaver, you might want to read some of the best rated electric shavers reviews. You will see that most modern electric shavers come with an auto cleaning charging system that cleans, charges and lubricates your shaver in almost no time. If you don’t have an electric shaver by now and you’re interested in investing in one, consider opting for one that comes with this option. You’ll have to pay more money on it, but it’s a good investment, especially in the long term.

Don’t shave after showering

Unless you have a high quality electric shaver that works as well under water, without getting damaged, avoid shaving after you have taken a shower. Electric shavers work best when used on a dry face and not on a wet face. It is therefore recommended to shave straight in the morning, before taking a shower. However, if you have a thick beard, a hot shower might help you soften your facial hair for an easier shaver. If that is the case, we advise you to read the best rated electric shavers reviews, and choose a shaver which works both wet and dry.

Avoid using it on long facial hair

If your facial hair is too long, your electric shaver may struggle cutting the long hairs. In addition, it can be painful and you may end up with some irritation after shaving. To prolong the life of your electric shaver and ensure that it cuts evenly and precisely, we definitely recommend to avoid going too long without shaving.