Serrated knives aren’t as easy to sharpen like normal knives, but they need to be sharpened regularly just like all other knives if you want them to perform perfectly. Therefore, read the following lines to find out how to sharpen your serrated blades, and keep them in a top notch shape at all times.

Buy a serrated knife sharpening tool

We already mentioned that serrated knives aren’t as easy to sharpen like normal knives, all due to their differently shaped blades, therefore you need to prepare yourself with different tools for them. You can read some knife sharpener ratings and reviews on to see which sharpeners the experts recommend for serrated knives. There are several sharpeners that promise to do a good job with serrated blades but the best choice is the DMT FSKF Diafold serrated knife sharpener which you can have for the price of $35. This serrated knife sharpener is the best when it comes to quality, its durable construction providing with years of consistent performance, it features a fine diamond for a razor sharp edge, it doesn’t require oil when sharpening with it, but rather simply sharpen dry or with water, it’s portable, lightweight, and it’s very convenient to use due to its fold and go handles that enclose and protect the diamond serrated sharpener when it’s not in use.

How to sharpen the serrated knife

Before starting the sharpening procedure, you must first locate the side of the knife that has a beveled edge. Generally, serrated knives don’t look the same from both sides, on one side the blade continuing at the same angle until it reaches the blade’s edge, and on the other side the blade angling down slightly before it reaches the serrated edge, this side being called the bevel, and being the one that you must apply the sharpening tool to.
After locating the bevel side, place the DMT FSKF Diafold sharpener in one of the serrated gullets, keeping the sharpening tool at a shallow angle in relation to the beveled edge, and proceed to sharpening the gullet by using short strokes. Remember that this procedure must be repeated for every gullet of the serrated knife, and that you must adjust the position of the sharpening tool for it to perfectly fill every grove, therefore be prepared to spend a couple of minutes on the sharpening operation.
When you’re done with the knife sharpener, proceed to filing the burs by rubbing the back of the knife against a sheet of sandpaper, and once you’re done with this step you are ready to use your perfectly sharpened serrated knife once again.