If you have a baby on the way, then surely, amongst other dilemmas, you must find a way in which to arrange the nursery room. It has to be practical, it has to be stylish and it has to promote a healthy development to the child. This is why you want to make sure that you choose the design in an effective fashion. Our advice would be to start with selecting from the collection of Ercol armchairs and develop the rest of the design starting from that. Below we have some witty ideas that you will love.

1. Start with a nursing armchair

A nursing chair is truly necessary for a nursery room, because it will offer the necessary means for the mother to nurse their child in a proper form. Select an armchair that is both spacious and comfortable, because you will be spending plenty of time on it. Nursing is exhausting, and you want to make sure that you increase the comfort levels available in the room. Also, make sure that you gather around your armchair other necessary supplies in the act of nursing. A nursing cream, a hygienic gel, some paper tissues, they will all come in handy. Also, make sure to place nearby some magazines or books to read, because this will take some time. A great armchair will let you bond a stronger relationship with your newborn baby. Soft throws, squishy pillow will also contribute to the comfort levels experienced by the fresh mother and their baby.

2.  Invest in a great cot

Your baby will surely appreciate if you invest in a comfortable and safe cot. They will sleep better and are less likely to wake up multiple times during the night. This will allow you and your partner to have a more pleasant parenting experience in the first few months of the child’s life. But you want to make sure that you invest in a handsome piece as well. A rose gold cot might be just perfect.

3. Go bold with the colours

It’s a child’s room, so don’t be shy with the colours! They will help your child’s development, as they have fast responses to visual stimuli on the first few weeks of life. Make sure that you truly stimulate their minds with geometrical patterns and bold colours.

4. Fabrics matter

You want to make sure that the fabrics that you use in the nursery room not only look great, but that they are also safe. Search for hypoallergenic fabrics and you will surely increase the safety levels for your child. No chemical dyed fabrics are also perfect, in an infant’s case.

These are some useful pieces of advice that a soon-to-be parent could use in order to create an amazing and practical design for a nursery room. Search for your bits and pieces carefully and you and your child will surely have a pleasant experience from the very beginning.