Tax rebate calculators are an excellent way to find out just how much money you can get back depending on the industry and field of activity that you work in. You can access them from the comfort of your home, which is very practical if you don’t have a lot of free time or haven’t settled on the right tax rebate expert yet. Another benefit of using them is that you don’t need any technology or finance skills, just an Internet connection and some knowledge about your industry. If you want to claim a UK tax refund, using a calculator is the first step you should make. All calculators work pretty much the same and the following tips will help you get results as close to reality as possible.

Basic information about your job

The first thing you will be asked when using a calculator to claim a tax refund is your industry and occupation. You should input these details as accurately as possible, because each field of activity has specific expenses. Another thing you should mention is the number of years you have been working at your current job. Calculators usually only go back four years, so for work experience larger than this you might have to contact a professional for a face to face meeting.

The use of uniforms and/or protective equipment

Most people don’t give any thought to the uniforms and protective equipment they wear at work, but this is actually an important factor that determines the amount of tax rebate. This is because you have to pay for its washing and cleaning yourself and in time the money adds up. If you wear any kind of uniform or distinctive attire at the work place, make sure you tick the respective box in the calculator to get an accurate result.

Personal contact details

After you’ve filled in all the fields and received an estimate, you can use the form on the website to input your personal details for the company to contact you. Most websites usually ask these only the end, and you’re under no obligation to give them your details if you don’t want to. In fact, you can use more calculators from various sites and only get in touch with the one that estimates the highest rebate. However, keep in mind one final aspect:

Tax rebate calculators can only provide an estimate

The amounts provided to you via tax refund tools are only approximate and the amount displayed many not be the one you actually receive. These estimates are calculated based on the average earnings and refunds previous clients of the website. To learn exactly how much money you are entitled to if you claim a tax refund, you should get in touch with the tax refund expert for a bespoke consultation. Depending on your salary, expenses and work history, you may receive more or less.