Storage is probably one of the most important concerns of house owners. Whether you live in a large mansion or a small flat, soon enough you will discover there are so many things you have to hide out, that your house will seem overcrowded. For this reason, you need to look for new methods of increasing storage space and even ask for professional help. Rest assured that you can achieve great result no matter how small your house seems right now. The trick is to find the most suitable option for your home, so here are some ideas:

Use the garage

Of course, the space has been designed to accommodate the family car or even a larger fleet, but why not take advantage of it? Many families are using their garage as the main storage units of their home, so you should think about this too. You can use the walls and even the ceiling, since experts claim vertical storage is the most efficient idea there is. If you do not have the time, patience and skills to do this, then you can always hire a dedicated company to deal with the task. A firm specialised in epoxy floor coating Toronto will assess your needs and take care of everything on your behalf, from planning, sketching and designing to actually installing the storage units you need.


Install cabinets

You may be a fan of shelves, but it seems that the right solution for a house that lacks square footage is represented by cabinets. Although these lead to the illusion of closed space, they have many advantages to compensate. To begin with, the fact that they create a closed space is a great benefit: you can place absolutely anything you want behind their doors, without fearing your guests will see what you have hidden from the curious eyes. Furthermore, on the same track, cabinets are more aesthetic than shelves or racking systems, since they cover absolutely anything you place inside. They can even consist in multiple racks where you can put various things without having to worry about chaos, diversity and crowding.


Hang things around

Making use of vertical space does not only mean you can install shelving systems around the house. These occupy some space and limit your possibilities, which is why you must think out of the box and hang things directly on the walls. In the kitchen, for example, you can implement this solution by hanging the pans, towels and other accessories. The same goes for other parts of the house. Place baskets, bags and even improvised containers strategically around the home, because these will prove to be real life savers for smaller rooms.



If you cannot afford to purchase new pieces of furniture or accessories, you can feel free to improvise. Use old boxes or cans for smaller items such as pens, screws or even jewellery, baskets for your towels, clothes and books and so on. The possibilities are endless as long as you are willing to be creative and improvise.