Our knees are very sensitive to pressure, and running is unfortunately an activity that involves high-impact on them, but only if the surface on which you are running isn’t cushioned at all.
Many people see the treadmill as being a bad surface to run on for their knees, and while this is sort of true, the treadmill is still a better surface to run on than concrete, which is truly dangerous due to its roughness. The reason why we said that the statement about the treadmill being a bad surface for you to run on is sort of true is because there are certain factors which make running on this device a dangerous activity, but only if you are misinformed and do it incorrectly. Therefore, the answer is no, running on the treadmill isn’t bad for your knees, but only if you do it right. If you want to find out how you can make running on the treadmill a safe exercise for your knees, read the following lines and apply our advice in order to be assured that you aren’t hurting yourself in any way.

How to buy a treadmill that won’t be a danger for your knees

Buying the right treadmill is the most important part of making sure that running on it won’t affect your knees in any way. Most modern treadmills have shock-absorbing abilities that reduce the impact on your joints as you run, providing you with a soft and safe landing. While it’s true that in time any treadmill can lose some of its shock-absorbing abilities, it won’t be a problem in the near future after you buy it, and you can upgrade your model or change it for another one after a generous number of years of using it intensely.

Choose the right footwear

The cushioning of the treadmill alone isn’t enough for protecting your joints as you run, especially if you’re overweight, because the more you weight, the bigger the impact will be, therefore additional help is required to ensure that you are getting the necessary protection when you are exercising on it.
This additional help you require can only be provided by wearing the right shoes while running on the treadmill, shoes that are fit to your feet in a professional running shop and which have more cushioning support to better absorb the impact as you step on the surface of the treadmill.

Make an appropriate running schedule

An inappropriate running schedule is unfortunately a common mistake which people make when they start running, because most people don’t pace themselves, and instead of taking it slow, they start running at high speeds since the first days, putting a high amount of pressure on their knees.
To avoid having any knee injuries while running on the treadmill, you should make a reasonable running schedule which starts by you only walking on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes for the first week, and week after week you slowly increase the speed of the treadmill as you exercise.