Spring and summer are the two periods of the year when a great number of kittens are abandoned by their mother. If you meet a single kitten that seems abandoned, you have to consider some recommendations, before rescuing it. It is advisable to wait for a couple of hours, because there are great chances the mother to be off searching for food, and it will come back soon. In case the mother does not come back in a couple of hours, then you should rescue the kitten, because it is truly orphaned. Make sure that you stay at a reasonable distance when you find a nest of kittens, because if you stay too close the mother will be afraid to come back. In case the kittens are clean and sleeping in quiet then probably the mother left for a short time, and it will definitely come back. 

First aid for abandoned kittens

If you discover a nest of abandoned kittens, and they are cold then your priority is to offer them warmth. Make sure that you warm them gently, you can use a bottle of hot water wrapped in a towel. Place the kittens around the bottle and let them snuggle. In case you consider the kitten is too cold, you should take them to the rehabilitering dyr because they have incubators where they can warm the kittens. Only when the kittens are warm you can feed them, because they cannot properly digest the food if they are cold. If the kittens are younger than three weeks then they have to be placed in a warm place, you can use a heating pad. When you notice that they start avoiding it, it is the moment to remove it, because they are older enough to control their body temperature.

How should you feed them?

You should not offer your rescued kittens, cow milk, because it does not offer them the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong. The cow milk is a solution when you do not have anything else to feed them, but you should not offer it to them more than once, because it can cause them diarrhoea. You should ask the specialist from the dyreklinikk what type of food you should offer them. You can find in pet shops products especially designed for abandoned kittens.

You will have to be their surrogate mother

You will have to treat them like babies, because this is exactly what they are. You will need feeding bottles that have to be sterilised before every use. Warm the formula to the room temperature and put the kittens in the same position they would stay if they would be nursed by the mom-cat. If the kittens are around two weeks old, then you should feed them every 5 hours. If they are more than three weeks old, then you should feed them every 7 hours. In case the kittens are sick, they will need extra care and they may even have to eat more frequently.