It’s commonly believed that arthritis is a disease of the elderly. The truth is that this illness affects young people as well. If you don’t eat a healthy diet, exercise, or get enough rest, you risk developing arthritis. Pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints are just some of the symptoms of arthritis. Needless to say, the symptoms can vary from person to person. If you happen to be suffering from arthritis, you need to take really good care of your joints. Keep on reading to find out what you need to do.

Keep fit and healthy

If you have a few extra pounds, it’s important to lose weight because the excess weight can lead to pain and discomfort. Every pound of excess weight adds about 4 pounds of additional pressure on the joints, so you’ll want to keep fit and healthy. You can achieve this by exercising and eating a healthy diet. The slimmer you are, the less pain you’ll feel. Dropping even a couple of pounds leads to a considerable reduction in pain and function. As far as exercising is concerned, you can try shoulder rolls and quadriceps stretches. Make sure to consume fresh fruit and vegetables, oily fish, and nuts and seeds.

Give regenerative medicine a try

If you were to read the collection of insights from the healthcare experts at North East Joint and Wellness, you would discover that regenerative medicine is the future of medical practice. what regenerative medicine does is to replace tissues and organs which have been severely affected by disease or trauma. Nowadays, there are stem cell treatments for joint cartilage. If you have a beginning of arthritis, it’s best to take measures immediately. Stem cells will grow inside the affected tissue, so there will be no loss near the bone. It’s an increasingly popular treatment, which is now available in many clinics.

Use your joints wisely

What does this even mean? It refers to the fact that people with arthritis don’t use their joints in the right manner. They open the door with their hands and wrists or try to lean against it with their shoulder and hip . the point is that you shouldn’t engage in any kind of activity that puts extra stress on the joints. Most importantly, become aware of strange body positions. Do your best to avoid twisting motions and tight squeezing. It’s for your own good.

Never ever ignore an injury

It’s never a good idea to ignore an injury. If you get hurt, you must discuss with a healthcare professional. Joint injuries can take place in the knee, wrists, ankles, shoulders, and elbows. What could happen if the injuries are left untreated? In addition to excruciating pain, you need to worry about deformity, infection, never damage, and so on. It’s recommended to avoid using the affected joint and get lots and lots of rest until you manage to see a doctor. You can try taking over-the-counter pain medication if you find the pain to be unbearable.