Even the most expensive and qualitative air conditioning units can sometimes break. If you have installed your HVAC system a long time ago, then a revision is recommended, because overtime, certain malfunctions might appear. If you have not opted for professional maintenance, then the chances of your unit breaking are pretty high ones. If you are not sure if a HVAC repair is necessary or not, you should pay attention to a few signs that might indicate a possible malfunction.

Unusually high utility bills

Even if your unit might seem to be working properly, your indoor temperature is normal and you have not spotted any malfunctioning signs, that does not mean that the unit is in a perfectly good condition. If over the last few months you have noticed an unusual increase in your utility bills, although you have selected the same temperature, then perhaps your unit might have some issues. A broken system will consume more energy to emit the same cooling or heating, and a high energy bill is the normal repercussion. If you have been confronted with the same situation for several months, then call a HVAC specialist as quickly as possible to look at the unit. Only a professional will be able to tell if the energy bill increase has been caused by the unit.

Uneven indoor temperature

This is one of the easiest signs to spot. An uneven indoor temperature is one of the clearest indicators that your air conditioning unit is not functioning properly. If the temperature is constantly fluctuating and your indoor comfort is inconsistent, your unit may need some repairs. Perhaps the system was not installed correctly, or the ducts or the coils of the HVAC might have an issue.

Strange odours

Have you noticed any strange odours coming from the unit? Well, you should know that broken HVAC units often emit strange foul or metallic smells. Perhaps its wire insulation has started to burn through or mould has grown inside the ducts, either way, call a technician asap.

Unusual sounds

Although, it is normal for HVAC systems to produce a certain sound, sometimes sound irregularities might be a warning sing that your system should be revised. If you have been noticing lately that the air conditioning system has been producing sounds louder than usual, then call a professional as soon as possible, and see if any malfunctions have occurred. A loud grinding sound or a metallic screeching are often an indicator of a broken unit.

If you are still uncertain if your air conditioning system should be repaired, but you think that it is not functions as good as it used to, then you should opt for a proper inspection. Look for an experienced technician that can take a look at the unit and establish if repairs or even replacement are necessary. Each one of these warning sounds should determine you to resort to a technician. A broken air conditioner could led to more serious issues, especially in warehouses or other business-related locations.