In a world that focuses a lot on the individual’s physical aspect and fashion style he or she adopts, it is highly important to know what fashion mistakes to avoid in order to not look ridiculous or awkward in public. The first thing men have to keep in mind when it comes to fashion is to resort to the right online store, have knowledge of the most popular suit and urban clothing brands and look for the clothes that best fit their style. Here are some simple tricks men should consider in order to avoid looking ridiculous when going out.

Clothes that do not fit

The first mistake that men should avoid is related to wearing clothes that are overly baggy, because these will make them look sloppy. It is recommended to look for clothes that fit your size and in case you have been looking at all possible clothing stores and still not found clothes of your size, you should definitely consider making the tailor your best friend.

Dirty shoes

It is commonly known that many men overlook this aspect, thinking that if they choose a great outfit, no one will look down at their shoes and no one will actually notice they are dirty. Truth is they could not have been any more wrong, since dirty shoes are the first ones to be noticed, especially when going on a date with a woman, which are known for paying attention to every little detail. You should always keep your shoes clean.

Wrong socks with a suit

Wearing a suit might be quite a tricky thing, since there are certain aspects that need to be taken into consideration and one of them is related to the socks. Fashion experts recommend choosing socks that have the same color to the pants and not to the shoes, especially if you are going to a formal and professional event. For instance, if you choose to wear a navy suit and black shoes, make sure you also select navy socks. If you go for a light suit, you have to select socks that are darker than the suit, but lighter than the color of the shoes.

Wearing too many colors

Another aspect men have to pay attention is never to wear too many colors at once. Specialists advise to limit your outfit to a maximum of three colors or different shades of the same color in order to maintain that coordinated look. After all, you would not want to look like a rainbow and make everyone raising their eyebrows when looking at you.

 Being too “buttoned” up

When wearing a jacket, it is important to know the rule that has been used for several decades in fashion. If it has two buttons, remember to fasten the top one only, and if it has three, you should close the top button only, the middle one only or both the top and middle buttons, but never all three at once. The key to looking smart and elegant is to always leave the bottom button undone.