When it comes to avoiding speeding tickets, nothing beats the efficiency and accuracy of a radar detector, but who can guarantee a certain model is the best? Those able to state whether or not a radar detector is efficient are the customers who have tried it. According to the latest 2016 radar detector reviews, the following three units presented above are the best products in this field.

BOGO Radar Detector, JVR AO26 16 Band Laser and Radar Detector

The model that got the best reviews from the customers is this one that can detect both radar and laser alerts on all four signal bands and with a 250-2500m extreme range technology that ensures accuracy. Drivers who use it to keep them away from speeding tickets are especially pleased with the performance offer for the affordable price of $30. Features like the ability to go from Highway to City mode in order to reduce false alarms, the voice alerts that keep you from having to look at it while driving, or the speed-sensing shut down that keeps it undetectable are reasons why customers like this radar detector.

Escort Passport 9500ix Radar and Laser Detector

Next in line when it comes to customers’ choice is the Escort Passport 9500ix that was rated a worthy investment despite the impressive $449 price tag. This innovative radar detector offers a wide range of features like voice alerts with adjustable volume, safety warning system, Auto-Learn Intelligence that detects false alarms or variable speed sensitivity that measures your speed and adjusts the radar strength. The wide display shows your speed so you won’t have to look down to the speedometer and it comes with brightness control so you can comfortably drive at night while using the radar detector. The memorized and updated database includes the location of red light cameras and speed cameras so you will know exactly where the threats are placed.

Cobra ESD7570 9-Band Performance Radar/Laser Detector

This is another detector that has won the customers’ trust due to the reliable performance combined with an affordable price of $45 that makes it even more attractive. Also including safety alerts and possibility to go from City to Highway, this radar detector features an innovative 360-degree detection with an incredible accuracy. Being both a radar and laser detector, it can receive signals from all 4 bands available and offers a performance similar to the more expensive models available, which made it so convenient for users.