Acne skin can be quite a problem that happens not only to high schoolers, but also to adults. Many people have experienced acne breakouts in their adult life, but not all of them have done detailed research to see what type of skincare products they should use in order to help their skin get rid of acne and become cleaner. If you are interested in skincare products that are specifically designed for acne skin, you should definitely start your online research with websites such as Here are the most popular myths about acne that too many people believe are true.

You can use any type of skincare products

This is probably the most widespread myth related to acne skin – the fact that nearly any skincare product available on the market can be used to treat acne. However, this is not at all true, since you should know there are products that are specifically designed to fight against acne and that are recommended to people suffering from this skin problem only. It is advisable to go to a dermatologist as soon as possible and ask them about the right skincare products you should use.

Tanning helps you clear up the skin

It is true that tan can mask acne, but this is only temporarily, since if you expose your skin in direct sunlight for too long, it might make your skin more irritated and drier, which also leads to more breakouts. It is highly recommended to go to a professional dermatologist in your region and to get proper treatment for this skin problem the very first moment you notice it.

Washing your face several times a day reduces the number of breakouts

Many people are on the opinion that the best way to fight against acne is to wash the face as many times a day as possible, but they could not have been any more wrong than this. Experts in the domain claim that it is not advisable to wash the face more than twice a day, since this can lean to dry and irritated skin and it can cause even more breakouts. What is more, you should also avoid scrubbing your acne skin, because this way your skin can get even more irritated. Look for products that are designed for acne skin only, since they are the best ones to use.

You cannot wear makeup if you have acne skin

This is another popular myth related to acne skin that many people believe to be true, when in fact it is not. Even though you have acne skin, this does not mean that you cannot use makeup products. Keep in mind that there are numerous cosmetics on the market that are nonacnegenic that will do no harm to your skin, so make sure you look for these ones in order to benefit from the best results. However, if your acne is moderate to severe, it is best to talk to the doctor to make sure there is no problem in using makeup products.

Overall, these are only some of the most popular myths about acne skin that people think are true.