Weddings are expensive, but with a little imagination and minimal supplies, you can create your own wedding decorations for economy purposes. Elements like invitations table central pieces, even your bouquet are easy to achieve with a little imagination. For the vast majority of ideas we are going to provide, you are going to need a number of ribbons, flowers and candles. If you are looking for wedding ribbons UK, you will find a series of supplies in order to create your own wedding decorations.

1. Table central pieces

Our idea of romantic table central piece is a cheap and effective one. You are going to need a series of candles in different sizes, preferably white or beige, some copper trays and ribbons at your choice. Place your candles on the trays and wrap their base in ribbon. Make a big beautiful bow and enjoy the compliments you are going to receive on your minimalist and romantic table central pieces.

2. Design your own invitations

Wedding invitations can reach ridiculous prices, but by designing your own, you will be able to cut the expenses, not to mention the fact that personally creating them you can freely express you and your partner’s personalities. You are going to need some hard paper to print your invitations on and some ribbons. The web is full of cute printable templates. After creating the content of your invitations, print and fold the invitations. Fold them in half. Next, you are going to perforate the outer margin and insert the piece of ribbon. Seal the invitation by making a bow and mail or personally hand them to your guests. For another much easier idea of personalized invitations is to vertically print the content of your invitations, roll and seal them by wrapping a piece of ribbon. Finish them by tying a bow.

3. Personalize your wedding bouquet

Another good way to cut the wedding expenses is to create your wedding bouquet, as well as the braids maids bouquets. Procure and combine flowers form your local flower shop. Orchids, peonies anemones and wild flowers make perfect wedding flowers, but you can choose whatever you prefer. Arrange them in your bouquet and finish by wrapping the stems in ribbon. Make a large bow and you are done!

4. Napkin table arrangements

Besides table central piece you could create classy and beautiful napkins. You could buy from a dollar-store a few sets of plain beige napkins and try to add a little class to them. All you are going to need is a hot glue gun and ribbons at your preference. All you have to do is carefully glue the ribbons on the margins of your napkins.

We know that a wedding is really stressful and expensive, but if you decide to have smaller party, with your families and a few close friends, there is no reason not to organize it by yourself. You will be able to cut the expenses and design it as you wish.