The miracle of life comes in a bright pink package, and although we cannot deny how amazing this period is in a woman’s life, it also comes with several downsides. The nausea, the tiredness, the frequent trips to the toilet, all these are part of the entire process. But one of the most common types of discomfort experienced by pregnant women is back pain. This type of pain begins in the second half of your pregnancy, where the pelvis meets the spine. The connection is named sacroiliac joint and the sensation experienced is quite unpleasant. Below are have more information on back pain causes and treatment options for pregnant women.

Causes of back pain in pregnant women

Women with no chronic back pain issues before the pregnancy will most likely experience relief as soon as the baby arrives. In the meanwhile, there are a series of reasons why you may experience this sort of discomfort, for a while.

  • Weight gain – all women experience weight gain throughout their pregnancy due to obvious reasons. Normally, women’s weight increases by up to 35 pounds during these 9 months. Your spine has to support all that excess weight accumulated in a relatively short time. The baby may also put pressure on important blood vessels and nerves in the areas, leading to back pain, as the specialists at
  • Bad posture – with all that extra weight women have to carry around when pregnant, their posture also changes. As your belly starts to grow you will also notice how your centre of gravity also changes. This will force you to adjust your posture constantly.
  • Hormonal changes – hormonal changes that appear during pregnancy make the joints more flexible and prepare your pelvis to deliver your baby. However, this usually translates into back pain as well.
  • Stress – the stress associated with a pregnancy puts women under enormous emotional tension. And frequently, emotional tension translates into back tension.
  • Muscle separation – muscle separation is yet another reason why pregnant women may experience these symptoms.

Treatment options for pregnant women

Although people are generally prescribed anti-inflammatory medication to release back pain, these are not recommended for pregnant women. In this case, many professionals recommend relying on a chiropractor’s help. These therapies do not involve medication, only professional massages, under the strict supervision of a team of doctors. This offers pregnant women access to a more comprehensive therapy solution while avoiding completely damaging medication.

Chiropractors are trained to treat and an array of conditions, from back pain to sciatic nerve damage and headaches and migraines. For women, their help may be more than appreciated during pregnancy, because they can offer their help in multiple conditions common in pregnant women.

Although this sort of pain is incredibly common in women during the second half of their pregnancy, this doesn’t mean they have to live with back pain for up to five months. Go ahead and reach out to a professional who can help you manage these unpleasant symptoms more successfully, without pregnancy damaging medication.