Since the day you adopted your pet, you have been stressed about the times when you have to go on a vacation. You have always tried to figure out what to do with your furred-friend while you travel. It doesn’t matter for how long you will leave the house, you have a couple of options: you can ask one of your friends to care for your pet in yours or their house, you can take them with you, or you can take them to a pet hotel. The option you prefer can be influenced by how long you will be away from home, how much you are willing to spend or how skilled your friends are when it comes to taking care of a pet.  If you have a short vacation, you can ask your friends you to care for your pet at your home. A cat, for example, will feel safer in the comfort of her own house, and will appreciate someone to visit her once or twice a day.

You can hire a pet sitter or take them to a hotel

The greatest disadvantage, when travelling for a long period, is that your pet can experience depression if no one is staying with them. So it’s advisable to either hire a pet sitter or to take them to a kennel. Professional sitters can take the pet outdoors for walks and engage them in activities that keep them entertained. Make sure that you are hiring a professional that is insured and has extensive training in this area. You will want your pet to bond with them in order to feel comfortable. A pet sitter will visit your cat once a day and your dog at least twice a day.

If you take your pet to a hundepensjonat you should ensure that they have experience in working with the breed your pet is. Different pets have different needs and you should make sure they will feel safe and protected while you travel.

You can ask a friend to care for your pet

This is the most affordable solution, but it works if the pet is familiar with the friend you ask to visit them. If they don’t seem to get along, you should consider taking your little one to a kennel gardermoen because the professionals from the pet hotel have experience in caring for pets.

When you prefer to ask one of your friends or neighbours to help you with your pet, they can visit your house more often than a pet sitter can. To make their job easier you should invest in an automatic feeder and water fountain, it will prove your pet the needed amount of food and water, and it will give you peace of mind.

Your friend may suggest taking the pet to their home, and if this is the case, you should make sure they accommodate with the space before they move there for a couple of days.