Short term house rentals have become a popular business idea, especially in the past years when the real estate market has gotten strong again. The industry is quite developed since it allows owners to make money using their properties, while also enabling customers to get a place to live in, for a limited period of time. Taking into consideration that the options are so many, renting a space as your second home during a holiday or trip seems to be very attractive nowadays. Instead of getting a hotel room, cold and not at all intimate, this alternative is the one preferred by most people. For this reason, a lot of business men have decided to invest in this activity, using their properties in order to make profit especially during peak travel season. If you are looking for Calgary house rentals, you should know that there are some simple rules you have to keep in mind. Here are some of the most relevant ones:

  1. Check local news

Besides renting an apartment or house, make sure you find out some details about the area where it is located. Zoning is extremely important because it contributes to establishing the value of the immobile. Green areas, clean streets, nice neighbours and proximity from certain facilities are relevant criteria you must keep in mind. Paying for a short term rental should not leave a hole in your budget, which is why you need to find out if the owner is asking for a price that is higher than it should. Do not leave yourself fooled by a nice interior and remember not to close any deal before knowing exactly what you sign up for.


  1. Screen your offers

As same as landlords are screening their guests, you should also screen the offers you have available. Make a list of all the properties you are considering and then talk to their owners in order to choose the most appropriate one. The person you have in front is the mirror of the house you are renting, so try to find out a little something about them. You can even ask about their previous customers, not necessarily to talk to them, but to see if they are willing to share these details. Experts say that the best thing to do is collaborate with a dedicated company, because this way you can be sure the offers are reliable and safe.


  1. Set some expectations

Probably the best thing about short term rentals is that you have all the freedom and independence you want. While living in a hotel means checking in and out every time you leave the room, if you have your own place there are so such rules. However, there are some things you have to establish with the property owner from the very beginning. Ask them if they have any requirements and tell them yours, because will ensure a beneficial collaboration for both parties. Setting some expectations will definitely spare you a lot of troubles during your stay.