Whether you need to resume your professional activities, or you simply need some time for yourself, it comes a time when hiring a babysitter becomes a necessity. However, if this is the first time you will be leaving your children with someone you don’t exactly know, you might be worried if you have chosen the right person for the job. Hiring a nanny is an extremely important decision, so you need to be certain that you are doing everything right and the person you choose is the ideal candidate. What factors need to be addressed on the matter? Here are the things that will make this task far easier:

Collaborate with an agency

A screening process done on your own will never be as safe as the one a professional nanny agency is able to pursue. The first aspect that needs to be addressed here is whether you should seek a babysitter by yourself or let professionals present you with various possibilities. An experienced, reliable agency will have more resources to ensure the reliability of their candidates. When you are hiring a nanny through an overseas nannies agency, you will be provided with extensive info on the sitter’s background, experience, professional qualities and any other detail that might be important to you. Professional agencies take their screening processes very seriously, and the odds of hiring an inadequate candidate for the position will be far slimmer.

First impression

While the said babysitter might have an impeccable resume, and comes with only positive referrals, often, that person might not be a good fit for your family, for your own personal reasons. Before signing a long term contract, or actually leaving your children under their supervision, arrange a meeting to discuss the details of your potential collaboration and see what type of first impression they make. In the majority of situations, you will be able to trust your instinct and conclude whether the nanny would be a good influence on your children, and if the kids will actually like them or not.


Although you will probably be able to discuss from the start when and for how long you will need the sitter’s help, in certain unforeseen scenarios, you might require the help of the nanny on short notice. It’s alas more convenient when you are working with someone who is able to show up in case of emergencies, so discuss from the start their availability. Having a sitter that is willing to provide you with the necessary help in the eventuality of an unexpected situation will be extremely convenient.

Leaving your children with a “stranger” for the first time will in fact be challenging. You most certainly want your children to be supervised by a person who has all the right qualities, and thus for you to have peace of mind when every time you need to leave the house. These are the details that should be thought through when you are presented with this type of important decision.