If winter holidays are just around the corner or a special birthday is coming along, then you are probably stressed out about buying presents for your dear ones. Searching for the ideal gift is not something easy to do, especially if you want to get something both valuable and thoughtful. However, it is not impossible. But once you have chosen the perfect item, there is one more thing you have to do: wrap it. This process requires some skills and patience, so if you are not the type of person quite attentive to details, this operation can be a real struggle. Some people have it, while others simply don’t, so keep your cool. The good news is that there are plenty of step by step guides, such as the one you will read below, aimed to help you get flawlessly wrapped gifts. Here is what you should do:

Purchase your supplies

A lot of people think they can do just fine with what they have around the house, but this is not actually true. You may have some wrapping paper leftovers, but there are not suitable for a thoughtful present. For this reason, you need to make sure you buy enough material, glue, scotch tape and ribbon for gifts, plus any other supply you think is necessary.


Make the right cuts

Once you have the materials and enough space to operate, start rolling out the wrapping paper. Do not be stingy and use as much as you need, but do not exaggerate, because the present will end up looking like it has simply been balled up. Measure the area of the box if you think that is necessary, leave some extra inches of paper to cover the margins and only after you have done this you can make the cut.


Fold perfectly

As soon as the paper is cut to the right size, place the gift box in the middle and prepare to fold it. Bring the paper from one side and then from the other, in order for it to hug the box smoothly and then stick it in the middle of the package. For a neat finish, close the ends making sure you use a minimum number of folds.


Tie the ribbon around

Last but not least, the cherry on the cake is definitely the ribbon. Here again you need to measure and cut the right amount of fabric, tie it around and decorate it with a beautiful bow. Add whatever ribbons and bows you want, because these will make the present look actually festive.