There are no other furniture items to look better than wooden ones, so you might have decided to opt for them when you decorated your house. The fact is that these furniture items have plenty of benefits, and they might be more expensive that regular ones, but they totally worth their money. It is widely known that wooden furniture has a longer life expectancy, but you have to proper care and maintain it, to be sure that you will enjoy its beautiful look for many years. You have to do your best to keep the wooden items from your house protected and clean, so you have to polish and dust them on a regularly basis. In the following article, you will find some smart tips that would help you prolong the life of your furniture items.

Use the right polish cloth

You should know that it all starts from the cloth you are using when dusting the furniture. You should use a cotton one, and if you want to give them extra shine, you should use a commercial polishing cloth. You have to be sure that it is made from a fine and soft material, because it would be able to get in all the crevices and corners of the furniture items.

Dust it professionally

You should know that dust does not affect the furniture’s state as bad as a wrong dusting would do. Therefore, you have to use terry towels, cotton diapers and old table napkins to be sure that you will not create a static electricity. You have to choose carefully the products you use to remove the dust, because if you purchase one with oil or silicone it would attract the dust to the furniture surface. It is advisable to add dusting spray on the cloth, and not directly on the surface, because it might affect other parts of it, as the upholstery.

Protect the surfaces

In case you have chosen to use wooden tables in your house, you should know that you have the possibility to protect their surface with a glass top. You should contact a specialised company to provide you glass tops that feature polished edges, and which are custom made for the shape of your tables. Also, it is not advisable to place the glass directly on the wood, so you should also purchase some pads to put under the corners of the glass, to keep it above the table.