Getting a tattoo is not a decision you make on a spur of a moment, but it should be something to remain on your skin for a lifetime. However, in case you change your mind at some point and you want your tattoo to be removed, know that there are several professional clinics that provide services for laser tattoo removal South London. Over the years, many myths have emerged on this topic, so here are the most common laser tattoo removal misconceptions you should not fall for.

You can have your tattoo removed with special creams

There is this misconception that there are certain special creams on the market that can help you have your tattoo removed with minimum amount of effort, but the truth is there is no significant evidence to prove their efficiency. The best way you can resort to is to attend several laser tattoo removal sessions and let this job in the hands of experts.

Laser tattoo removal leaves scars

Many people are afraid of undergoing laser tattoo removal treatment because they believe they will walk out of the clinic with countless scars on their skin, but this is definitely not the case. The secret is to opt for a professional clinic that utilizes top quality equipment. Know that in case the tattoo you have already presents scarring, this will remain on your skin even after the laser treatment. The laser itself will cause no scarring though.

You can only remove old tattoos with laser

Another popular myth is that laser tattoo removal treatment only works with old and faded tattoos, but this is far from the truth too. It does not matter if your tattoo is only a few weeks old or was inked several years ago. The only condition available in this case is for the skin to be completely healed before undergoing laser removal and healing time varies from one individual to another.

One laser session is enough

The most important thing to remember about laser tattoo removal treatment is that it requires several sessions for the ink to be completely removed. Experts in the domain advise patients to wait between six and eight weeks in between treatment sessions to give the skin enough time to heal and immune system to recover.

It hurts … a lot!

The level of pain regarding laser tattoo removal treatment varies a lot depending on the individual, yet it is not excruciating, this is for sure. Some associate the pain of removing a tattoo to the one of having a tattoo applied.