You might have discussed with your doctor about calcium deficiency and possible signs of it. They might have also mentioned that all you need to maintain a proper intake is to have a diet based on milk products. However, just by consuming milk products, your body is not able to absorb the calcium efficiently. AgaeCal Calcium supplements have proven effective in this matter and increase the absorption. Below are some indicators to make it easier to detect calcium deficiency.

1. You have problems sleeping

Insomnia not only affects your sleeping habits, but, as a result, it can affect your day-to-day life. The oscillation of calcium levels determine your sleeping cycles and the highest levels occur when sleeping. If you lack this element, your body cannot be able to tell when it is time to sleep. When your body lacks sleep, possible bone injuries might be prevented from healing and the density of your bones decreases. Furthermore, sleep deprivation can affect the way you manage your daily activities. Insomnia is a cause of car accidents, work accidents, and having many other difficulties with your normal activities.

2. Calcium deficiency can lead to paraesthesia

If you ever encountered numbness in your members, muscle tremor, and the inability to sense when touching objects, this might be a sign of paraesthesia. Lacking essential minerals like calcium can be the main cause of it. Low levels of calcium can also lead to poor memory or confusion.

3. You have difficulties losing weight

Weight loss and obesity are the main subjects among people nowadays, regardless of their gender. Many studies have linked weight related problems with a deficiency of calcium they might encounter. Both animals and humans involved in trails have shown the inability to lose weight when depraved of this mineral. Despite the regularly exercise programme they were made to follow, the pounds they lost were considerably fewer than the subject`s taking calcium supplements. Therefore, instead of following a restrictive diet, next time when you decide to lose weight, you could try to take some calcium supplements, too.

4. Your muscles cramp

If you are familiar with muscles cramps and contractions for no apparent reason, your body might need a bigger intake of calcium. Although you might have a diet reach in milk products, your body might not be able to absorb them due to the consumption of alcohol, caffeine and soda.  Find some supplements that also have vitamin D in their composition and you might notice your general health state will improve.

Knowing what your body is trying to transmit with symptoms that have no apparent reason can prevent your possible health issues to aggravate. Discuss with your doctor about calcium supplements and the symptoms. You can determine if your body lacks this important element by a simple blood test. Research the market and find the best products, according to your personal needs. Keep in mind that what worked for your best friend might not work for you with the same efficiency.