There are women who look fabulous no matter what they do. They have that je ne sais quoi. Maybe you are intrigued that you do not have that quality that makes you distinctive and attractive. Do not worry dear because it is possible to become a woman beyond words. Ribbon can help you spruce up your existing clothes. It is an item that you need to have in your closet. Continue reading to find out how to make your look more sophisticated. It is really not that complicated. You just have to accentuate your strengths.

Adorn a straw hat with your favourite ribbon

In the summertime, you have to protect yourself against the harmful rays of the sun. Whether you are relaxing in the great outdoors or hanging out by the pool, make sure to wear your straw hat. The accessory protects your head, ears, face, and neck. The sun hat is just as elegant as you can get this season. However, improvements can be made. Dress your hat up with tulle ribbon. It has some flexibility to it, not to mention that it looks great. Take measurements of the crown of the hat and cut the necessary length of ribbon. When you lay the decorative material around the straw hat, do not utilize adhesive. It is better to stitch the ribbon. Secure both ends of the band and, if you have enough material, make a little bow.

Include a ribbon bow tie in your dress

So, you do not know what to do with that dress you bought years ago. Do not even think about throwing it away. With a ribbon bow tie, you can give the garment a new life. To make the dress feel new once more, take two pieces of ribbon, centre them, tie a loop, and secure the shape. When you are done, you can thread the ribbon into the dress. Regardless of what ribbon you use, the bow will look beautiful. Use this neat little hack to bring back to life old pieces of clothing like shirts.

Tie your hair up with ribbon

If you are not in the habit of putting things in your hair, then you do not know what you are missing on. Accessories can transform your look. And no, you will not look like a third-grade child. There are many fashionable ways in which you can wear ribbon in your hair. For a classic appearance, make a ponytail and tie ribbon around the hair tie. This operation will take a few minutes. It goes without saying that the looping is the most important step. Another thing you can do is to tie the strip of material at the end of a braid. You will instantly get a festive flair. Why use an elastic headband when you got ribbon at your disposal?