After years of being a heavy goods operator, you have decided to start your own business. Good for you! The lorry business is a profitable one, even though it remains highly competitive. Making profit is not as difficult as managing your vehicles. You don’t have to worry about commercial vehicle compliance, this is not to say that it isn’t important, but about road safety. Not only do you have to educate your drivers, but also equip your HGVs with safety technology. Safety technology like HGV warning systems, video recording devices, and reversing sensors are essential today. They help your drivers avoid accidents and expensive repairs. In this article, we will discuss about these important features. Every driver should try these technologies.  

Warning systems

Sure, fluorescent warning systems can come in handy, but they are not nearly as effective as warning systems. What warning systems do is reduce the number of collisions and, of course, protect pedestrians. When the HGV turns left, an alarm is triggered. This signal lets people know that the vehicle is operating and it doesn’t stop until it is in standby mode. Warning systems are designed to stand out from long distances, so it is impossible for road users not to notice them. HGV warning systems give you the best value for your money. They help avoid nearside collisions, so our drivers don’t have to constantly be vigilant while they are driving.

Video recording devices

One thing that your lorry drivers can’t do without are video recording devices. The reason why they video recording devices are necessary is that they assist driver management and, of course training. Footage is continuously recorded on a hard disk, which in turn helps improve driver behavior and reduce accidents. The best thing about video recording systems is that they provide your trucking business evidence. In case something happens, you can protect yourself. Make sure you get video recording devices with night vision.

Reversing sensors  

Articulated reversing systems help detect objects located behind the HGV in what is known as the “killing zone”, in other words the blind zone. Simply put, reversing sensors make reversing simple. What you should do is make sure that all your lorries are fitted with multiple reversing sensors. Better yet, get reversing cameras. These systems are not only highly dependable, but also highly reliable. All you have to do is fix the reversing cameras to the rear of the vehicles. It is as simple as that.