Who hasn’t seen adventure movies? Who hasn’t heard of the famous, interesting and exciting Indiana Jones? Just imagining that adventure hero that finds gold and historical relics in some of the farthest corners of the worlds makes everyone dream about a new and exciting life. Since adventures have been mentioned, one cannot help himself from wondering where the necessary tools can be found. For starters, you could find out more about the bounty hunter metal detector. This device enjoys a great level of interest from clients in all parts of the world. While some consider the metal detector to be a fun and exciting toy, others see in it an actual tool, a useful one for that matter. So, what is the truth? Is this device a tool or a toy? How would you qualify it? Here are a few helpful facts that should bring some clarifications.

Fun design

It is true that the metal detector has that funny design that makes everyone think about it could be a toy. However, the design is what triggers attention, interest coming from clients. Even though it might seem a device taken out of the future, the metal detector that has a minimalist design carries a lot of functionalities. So, you can barely call it a toy. Try not to confuse design with style. Sometimes, the style might seem a bit childish, but the design is fully motivated by the need to offer the user easy access to all functionalities.


As you can imagine, the purpose of using this device is to locate metal, to identify it underground. Metal could mean plenty, including gold. So, it should come as no surprise that so many individuals choose to use this tool to find gold and get rich. Since this does not happen all that often, it is simple to consider the metal detector more of a toy than anything else. However, an aspect that most of you might forget is that metal detectors are used in other purposes. For instance, you might find it in security points in airports or used by soldiers to secure the premises. Thus, if you look at things in this manner, you might see the metal detector as a tool rather than a toy.

Level of functionality

In order to consider a device of this kind as nothing more than a fun toy, then you should assume that its level of functionality is rather low. However, you should know that there are a few tools that are highly functional and bring the user several benefits. So, it would be a mistake to consider it a toy and not use it accordingly.

It very much depends on the perspective from which you look at things. A metal detector has a great deal of advantages and it can bring you actual earnings, financial ones. Still, to enjoy them you have to invest in high quality devices. Once you decide to buy expensive detectors, you cannot consider them toys. They become useful tools.